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Live Cotton Plants



I have had problems starting my potted plants this year 2012. May I suggest ordering cotton seed to start your plant. A 3 gallon pot and potting soil will give you a great start. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Cotton Seed

I can ship live cotton plants any where in the country. The price is higher than the dried plants because of the special packing. These plants are a Pima cotton. As long as the cotton plant fits in my shipping box I can ship them. The live cotton plants are available at the end of June through August. As you can see in the pictures these cotton plants are raised in a controlled environment.

Plant Care:
         Cotton likes full sun in the Summer. The soil should be moist, not wet. I would use a feeding stick in the pot to nourish the cotton. If you get bugs, an Orthene product will take care of those. Check the plant closely in August and September for worms. The worms feed on the small squares, flowers and bolls. A Pyrethrin Product will knock these out. These Plants will grow to 6 - 8 feet if allowed to. Pinch the growth points to encourage lateral growth. After harvest, cut the plant down to 6 - 10" and keep indoors. When the freezing temperatures are gone in the Spring, move the plant back outside and it should grow again (do not let it freeze).

Please feel free to ask any questions:

Cell 252-562-4300