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Butter Bean / Pea Sheller Pictures


Pictures Below are from 2005. The metal drum has been discontinued. 


Loading Sheller
Shelled Beans

Up Close


I no longer include a hull tray as pictured. Most of my customers and I find it easier just to dump the hulls on the floor and clean up later. The floor can hold a lot more hulls than the tray. Not having to mess with the hull tray saves time.

These beans were run for 5 minutes. Running longer will get all the beans shelled but you will start to get more trash. When shelling you can remove shelled beans after 3 minutes. Place another bean tray in the machine and run it another 5 minutes. This will assure you get all the beans and most of the trash will be in the second tray.


Same Machine ~ Shelled Purple Hull Crowders

Up Close

Close up ~ These Peas had been picked at least a week and kept in refrigeration. The hulls were weak and soft causing more shells to break apart and fall into the bean tray. I will mention I got 100% shell rate with these and very fast.

Pea Hulls

Hand pick trash out on a cleaning table.

Example of a cleaning table

Basically, a cleaning table is any kind of blower or fan mounted or placed to force air through a bean tray which blows out 80 90% of the trash. This was a standard store bought box fan which turned out not to be powerful enough. I like to use squirrel cage fans out of central units. The 110 volt fans are hard to come by so I tried this.

Old Cleaning Table

This Cleaning Table is my Grandfathers. Its probably 25 years old.
The fan is an old kitchen exhaust fan.

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