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Nothing Fancy ~ Bean & Pea Sheller Plans

I have for sell detailed plans to build my "Nothing Fancy" Bean/Pea Sheller.

These plans were not done by a professional. I did them. I have lots of pictures,  drawings and typed instructions. The drawings are not to scale, but they work.

  This project should not be your first wood working project. You will have to have decent wood working skills,  a decent collection of wood working tools (a table saw is a must), and some electrical knowledge (wiring a switch to a motor).  This project will take about $300.00 - $450.00 for materials to build the Sheller. It will take about 25 - 50 hours to build - 20 hours if you're good!

Terms and Conditions:
Your purchase of these plans is for your use only. The plans are web based only. Your purchase will provide you access to a password protected website. You do not have permission to make copies of any kind of these plans.  That includes any pictures, drawings, and/or text. You do not have permission to save any images or text on any computer or storage device. You will have access to the site for 1 year. More time can be added on a case by case basis. Your purchase does not grant you the right to give or sell bean/pea shellers nor bean/pea sheller plans. Your username and password is unique to you and your computer. Do Not give or sell your username or password to anyone for any reason. I reserve the right to cancel your access at anytime without refund. Cancellation will occur if we see suspicious activity on your account. Examples of suspicious activity: simultaneous logins or multiple logins from different computers. Once I receive your contract and send your username and password, there will be no refunds. If you feel you cannot abide by these terms and conditions, please do not purchase.

  To proceed with your purchase, please print out two copies of the purchase agreement.  Please fill out both contracts completely (sign and date both copies). Send both copies and your payment of $100.00 to:

Purchase Agreement Link

409 Evans Bass Rd.
Edenton, NC  27932

Money Orders, Bank Checks and Personal checks are accepted. Please allow 10 days for personal checks to clear.  If you would like to use a credit card or PayPal, use the button below. You still need to send the contracts along with the transaction ID number.

Once I receive your payment and contracts, I will sign and return one contract to you. You will also receive a website address to the plans, along with your unique username and password. Keep these documents in a safe place.