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USDA Certified Organic Cornmeal

 Stone Ground Cornmeal

Certified Organic by: Baystate Organic Certifiers

We grind our meal in an old fashion grist mill, using granite stones. The stones come out of the mountains of North Carolina. The infrastructure of the mill is just as it was 100 years ago. Although we not longer use water power.

Walter Lane and my Grandfather Fahey Byrum Sr. purchased "Brown Rigg Mill" after high school (8th Grade). Fahey grew the corn and Walter ground it into meal. I grew up on my family farm with Grandaddy. As Walter and Fahey grew older my cousin and I ran the mill with them. In 2010 we decided to close the mill. In 2015 my cotton customers wanted organic cotton. Needing a rotation for cotton I thought I would grow corn and open the mill. So here we are.

-  All Natural, Fat & Preservative Free
-  Makes the best Corn Bread, Hush-puppies, Dumplings & Seafood Breading

  Lane Byrum Organic Cornemeal   
  Lane Byrum Cornmeal 4 bags   
  white Lane Byrum Organic cornmeal     




28 oz. bag Yellow Shipping Included $12.00
28 oz. bag White Shipping Included $12.00
5 lb. bag Yellow Shipping Included $16.00
5 lb. bag White Shipping Included $16.00
3 bags - 5 lb. Yellow Shipping Included $34.00
3 bags - 5 lb. White Shipping Included $34.00
Walter O Lane
In Memory of Walter O Lane
1918 - 2006
Grandaddy Fahey Byrum "Cottonman"
In Memory of Fahey Byrum Sr.
1920 - 2009

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