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Cotton Bolls

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** #1/ highquality bolls in stock **

Premium Bolls:   The cotton is white with no blemish. All the parts are there and in place. All leaf removed, cotton is cleaned and groomed. Stems 5 - 6 inches.  Bolls are 2 - 3 inches in diameter.  These are the best of the best.
High Quality Bolls:   The cotton is white with very little to no blemish. All the parts are there and in place. Time is taken to select only the best bolls in the field. Bolls are 2 - 3 inches in diameter. They all have stems 1 - 6 inches
Educational Bolls:   These bolls are seconds ~ not good enough for high quality. Cotton color may be off white, a loc of cotton may be missing, leaf trash on the cotton, they may be all mixed up in the box. They are great for teaching.

All my dried cotton products will keep for years. The only thing that happens over time would be a slight discoloration of the cotton itself. Much like an old wedding dress. Don't forget cotton is the traditional 2nd wedding anniversary gift.

Educational and #1 cotton bolls

** New Sample Pack**
2016 Plants  12 Educational bolls   12 #1 high quality cotton bolls

Sample Pack Dreid Cotton Plants   Sample Pack Cotton Bolls
1 Premium cotton boll 8.75

12 Premium cotton bolls 52.00
12 Premium Long Stem 18" Fake Stem 120.00

1 High Quality cotton boll

25 High Quality
 cotton bolls
  50 High Quality cotton bolls
  75 High Quality cotton bolls
  100 High Quality
 cotton bolls
100 Educational bolls $36.00

  25 Educational bolls $16.50
100 cotton burs $28.00

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