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Cotton is not only the fabric of our lives but it is great for decorations, arts, crafts & gifts. My family has been raising cotton for over 60 years. We have changed growing practices over the years and like other realms of the business community have changed. Greatly with technology. Cotton is planted in our area during the month of April. Our latest change in cotton production is the switch to no-till cotton. No-till cotton is the production of cotton without disturbing the soil year after year. This practice stops soil erosion by the wind and the rain which inturn preventing the leaching and run-off of chemicals and fertilizers. Farmland with no-till practices in place farmers have actually seen an increase in top soil depth, some reports of a gain of  5 inches. I'm positive that no-till cotton farming will insure the health of our environment and give our children the ability to be productive farmers on productive soil to feed the worlds population into the twenty first century.

We harvest our cotton in Oct.-Nov. After the cotton harvest we mow down the stalks and plant a wheat cover crop down the middles of the cotton rows. In the spring we treat the wheat with Nitrogen and a chemical called Harmony which kills the winter weeds in the wheat and the future cotton rows. A couple weeks before we plant cotton we will band a post-emergence herbicide just in the tops of the rows. We do this not to damage the Wheat. We will leave that to protect the soil down the middles from the sun and weeds. It is a great weed control in cotton. More to come soon.

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