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Mavaton's X   soon to be MAVATON

Thick Fibers .1 - 3.0 OHM

USDA Ceritified Organic Logo Manufactured by:, LLC
Edenton, NC
Certified Organic by:
International Certification Services, Inc.

Mavaton's X Grown and processed by, LLC for an elite vaping experience. Grown on my organic farm on Mavaton Rd. Edenton, NC. Organic processing to remove natural oils and waxes for an absorbent clean vape. Little to no break-in.
Man, Its expensive!!
Yes, It is very expensive.
MX cotton is non GMO variety grown with no chemicals. It is weeded by hand and harvested by hand. The seed are removed by hand fed cotton gin. The cotton gin is very large and could fed itself. I choose to manually fed to bypass pre-cleaners that can damage the fiber. The oils and waxes removed .5 lb. at a time, yes by hand, and finally carded on a small hand fed cotton card.
MX is worth the time and money. MX is hands down the cleanest and safest cotton wick one could use.
Try it today ~ you will not be disappointed.

mavaton's X organic cotton tin top
Mavaton's X organic cotton tin bottom
MX vaping cotton fiber

Mavaton's X
3.5 g
Mavaton's X
3.5 g