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 Offering you sample packs of Cottonman Cottons.  100% USA Grown and process if any.  Only 1 Certified Organic Cotton (Mavaton's X). Each cotton individually packaged and labeled.

A couple builds each.


#1. Best Sellers Sample Pack 5

Mavatons Select Gold OB
Angel Hair OB
Just Red V2
Carolina Blend OB
Domestic $8.00

International $15.00  Please Include Tele

#2. Raw Cottons (oils waxes still intact)

Mavatons Select (raw seed intact)
Mavatons Select Gold
Angel Hair
Carolina Blend
Blondie (dirty short fiber)
Domestic $7.00

International $14.00 Please Include tele

#3 Cottonman Cottons 10+ Samples

Every Vaping Cotton I have + the ones I didn't like.
Domestic $10.00

International $17.00  Please include tele